Stunning Space Cat T-Shirt
Stunning Space Cat T-Shirt

Stunning Space Cat T-Shirt

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He is Timeless! He is Endless! He is Immortal!
He is Almighty Space Cat!
Tho most of his powers are unknown,
we here at Hoodielaunch found out that
one of them is bringing smile upon 
the people who see him.


Hoodielaunch® presents our collection of super-soft and comfortable t-shirts made from finest pre-shrunk polyester material. Products are printed using ink dye sublimation printing technique which allows us to provide our clients a clean, vivid and colorful vision of our artists. This printing method makes it highly resistant to abrasion, wrinkles and assures a superior printing quality after every wash !


* Pleasant & Cozy T-Shirt

* Made From High-Quality Polyester Material

* Original Premium 3D Printing Design

* 100% Long-Lasting And Durable Fabric