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Mosaic Lion T-Shirt

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"The creature created by the sun, loved by our goddess.

Teach me the ancient secrets of magic.

Walk by me until my strength and courage develop.

Show me when to strengthen the ties, when to break.

Tell me the times I will work and the times I will rest and warn.

Grant me your powerful energy"
A Mayan poem of lions.


Hoodielaunch® presents our collection of super-soft and comfortable t-shirts made from finest pre-shrunk polyester material. Products are printed using ink dye sublimation printing technique which allows us to provide our clients a clean, vivid and colorful vision of our artists. This printing method makes it highly resistant to abrasion, wrinkles and assures a superior printing quality after every wash !


* Pleasant & Cozy T-Shirt

* Made From High-Quality Polyester Material

* Original Premium 3D Printing Design

* 100% Long-Lasting And Durable Fabric