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Fierce Werewolf Hoodie

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As the old Hunter cleaned his equipment, dark thoughts clouded his mind. Never before had they faced a werewolf with such fierceness and ferocity. The beast has terrorized his town for far too long. It was time for payback.
He could hear his faithful apprentice coming around the corner and he mumbled in low voice:
"I hope you took your machinegun with silver bullets, cus your silver sword ain't going to cut it this time, kid!"
Hoodielaunch® proudly presents our selection of super-soft and comfortable hoodies made from finest pre-shrunk polyester material. Products are printed using ink dye sublimation printing technique which allows us to provide our clients a clean, vivid and colorful vision of our artists. This printing method makes it highly resistant to abrasion, wrinkles and assures a superior printing quality after every wash !

* Soft & Cozy Hoodie With Long Sleeves

* Made from High-Quality Polyester Material

* Original Premium 3D Printing Design

* 100% Long-Lasting And Durable Fabric